Important Information for Corporate Users

If you work in a corporate environment and are networked through your corporation’s Intranet, it is important that you read the following information. NetRoadshow recommends that you contact your IT department or network administrator for assistance to ensure that your system is set up properly to receive streaming media.

Most corporations implement what is known as a firewall to protect the company’s network from unauthorized access. Unfortunately, these firewalls can also prohibit video and audio data from being received by a streaming player. However, it is possible to configure the player to properly receive the data. (Please see Configuring a Player.) Once again, you should involve your IT department or your network administrator to ensure proper setup. They may also have a preference as to which player you should install. If necessary, a representative from your IT department or your network administrator can contact NetRoadshow at (408) 830-6206 for technical assistance in configuring the firewall.

NOTE: You will always be able to experience a NetRoadshow webcast using the telephone-based option whether or not your system can be configured to receive streaming video and audio data. For more information, please see How to view the telephone version of a NetRoadshow webcast.

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