Navigating The Show

Below, please find details about the two most common presentations you will find when viewing a NetRoadshow presentation.

Video/Audio Presentations
For both Video and Audio presentations, the roadshow window is identical. An example is shown below



As you can see the window is split into two main parts. On the left hand side is the Media Player. This is where the video and audio controls are located, often as a Play and Pause button. The small window will either contain a video of the speaker(s), or if it is an audio roadshow, images of the company or presenters.

A useful feature of media roadshows is the “Change Player” button, located beneath the video. This button allows you to switch between the various supported media players (Windows Media and Adobe Flash) as well as between Video, Audio or Telephone mode without having to go back to the Options Page.



The right hand side of the window is where you will find the slides and their controls. The slide controls include a drop down list, which will allow you to jump to any slide in the presentation. When you jump to another slide, the video or audio will also jump to the appropriate point in time when the presenters refer to the slide you have chosen. Forward and Back buttons will appear to the right and left respectively of the drop down, allowing you to progress one slide at a time in either direction.



Another slide control you will find often is the Zoom feature. This will open a new window, which will display larger versions of the slides. This can be helpful for slides containing a lot of text or detailed graphs. When viewing a Video or Audio roadshow, this window will also update automatically in time with the audio/video of the presentation.

Slides Only Presentations:
One of the most common presentations you will find on NetRoadshow is Slides Only Presentations. There is no video or audio accompaniment to the presentation. With no space needed for the media player, the slides are given additional space and are often presented at a higher resolution.



Another area that is common across all presentation types is the bottom left corner of the presentation window. The most common buttons you will find are as follows:

The Info button opens a window which features information about all of the buttons within a presentation that users will find.

The Help button opens the NetRoadshow Tech Support Wizard. If you run into any problems or the presentation begins to act incorrectly, this wizard can help diagnose the problem as well offer guidance on how to correct the issue.

The Documentation button (shown below as PROSPECTUS) acts as a link to the documentation for the presentation. This link allows users to access presentation documents without having to return to the Options Page. The label can be customized with the most common being Documentation, Prospectus, Memorandum, Offering Circular, Download and Pathfinder.



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