Starting a Presentation

If you are viewing a presentation as a Guest and have entered through a Secure Link or provided the Entry Code, the presentation will launch in a new window. Appearing in the top area of this window will be a short animation, which plays while the presentation is loading.

If you are viewing a presentation from within your account, click on the show name on your roadshow list. The presentation will launch in a new window as shown below.

If this new window does not appear, and you receive no error messages, then more than likely the presentation is being blocked by a Pop Up Blocker. Instead you will see the following screen in your browser:


Before clicking on the link, “Click here to launch the show”, take a moment to make sure that your browser pop up blocker has been configured correctly to allow pop ups from Certain browser tool bars also have pop up blockers that you may need to configure as well. Consult your browser and tool bar help guides on how to configure the pop up blockers to allow pop ups from NetRoadshow.

After the loading animation is completed your presentation will begin. The presentations hosted by NetRoadshow are as varied as the clients we serve. Not all presentations will follow exactly the next few steps described in this guide. Some presentations will have a Disclaimer, others will not. Some presentations will have various options on how you can view the presentations while others may jump straight to a specific type of show. For additional details about common show types, please consult the last step of the guide, Navigating the Show.

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