The Option Page

Once users have accepted the terms presented by the disclaimers, they are often brought to the Options Page. From this point, users are presented with the choice of viewing the presentation in one of several methods. A common example of how this page appears is as follows:

Here are some brief details about each of the options available for presentations.

Click this option to view the presentation in full Video with Slides.

Click this option to view the presentation with Audio and Slides.

Click this option to view the presentation without audio. To listen to the audio from this option, you will required to dial the US number provided in the presentation.

Click this option to view the offering documents.

System Check
Click this option to check your system to ensure you meet the minimum system requirements to view the materials in the presentation.

Click this option if you encounter problems to view the presentation.

Click here to change your streaming media preference
This option allows you to select the streaming media player to use for either the Video or Audio option of the presentation. For Windows users in Internet Explorer, the default player is the Windows Media Player. For Windows users in Firefox, Adobe Flash Player is the default player. For Mac users, the Adobe Flash Player is the default player for both Safari and Firefox.

Please note that not all of the options will be available for every roadshow. Some roadshows may only have an Audio option and no Video, while others may have no media options at all. Most options will include the presentation slides.

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