Downloading and Installing a Streaming Player

NetRoadshow supports the two most popular and advanced streaming media players. These players are free of charge and available for download at the addresses listed below. Follow the steps provided to download. Note that you only need to download and install a player one time and you only need one of the players listed in order to view a presentation.

Windows Media Player

Adobe Flash Player

Once you have arrived at the download page, you will be able to freely download a program to your computer that will install the player for you. When you are asked if you want to open the file or save it to disk, choose “save to disk” and save the file onto your hard drive. Remember to make a note of where you are saving the downloaded file on your computer, as you will need to find and run this program in order to install the player once it has downloaded.

NOTE: If you are in a corporate environment, you should first talk to your IT department or network administrator to ensure smooth installation of the player and to verify that there are no firewall issues which would prevent your access to the content. Also, your IT department may have a preference as to which player you should install. Please review Important Information for Corporate Users for more information.

For Mac users , it is recommended when using Flash to ensure that other multimedia players are not set to play Flash media, including Quicktime and Real Player. In both Quicktime and Real, go to their respective prefrences menus and change the MIME settings to NOT include Flash Streaming Media. This will ensure that the Adobe Flash Player will handle the media streams in our presentations.

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