Downloading and Installing Adobe Reader

To view supporting documentation, you will need the Adobe Reader software, which is available free of charge from Adobe’s website. Go directly to the page where the reader can be downloaded as listed below. Follow the steps provided to download. [Please be advised that your corporation may restrict application download, so you may need to involve your IT person or network administrator to assist you if you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your system.]

Adobe Acrobat Reader –

Note: You should close your Internet browser while installing the Adobe Reader.

Notes for Mac Users:

When installing Adobe Reader 8 or higher, you will be prompted during the install process whether you would like Adobe Reader to be the primary program to handle PDF files. Make sure to set this setting as true to ensure that the Adobe Reader Plugin for Safari is used when viewing documents in presentations.

Due to the lack of support for the Adobe Reader Plugin in Firefox, only documents without security in place are viewable when accessing a presentation in Firefox. Secured Documents are only viewable in Safari with the Adobe Reader Plugin installed.

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