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StructuredFN is a virtual data room (VDR) solution specifically designed to address the disclosure Rule 17g-5 adopted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2010 covering structured finance products.


The StructuredFN VDR product is designed to securely publish all related documents and media (as required by the SEC) provided to a hired Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO).

The product is designed to make the compliance process as easy and straightforward as possible for issuers and arrangers.

While the StructuredFN application is purpose-built to meet the amended disclosure requirements for NRSROs, the platform also incorporates the flexibility needed to address other market applications including: due diligence rooms, credit facilities, private equity raising and more.


StructuredFN uses secure protocols and encryption for transmission and storage

Hosted in highly secure and redundant enterprise-class data centers

All software development and maintenance is US-based

Ongoing quarterly audits by the major international investment banks

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