NetRoadshow Solutions


NetRoadshow is the premier provider of Internet roadshows to the investment banking community. We offer complete roadshow services for the equity, debt, convertible, and ABS markets. Our proprietary service offering provides an efficient and effective complement to the traditional roadshow.

Today, a NetRoadshow is considered to be an integral part of the standard offering process. Your Institutional investors expect it.

The Internet Roadshow:

  • An online roadshow is identical to the live roadshow – it includes an online prospectus, video or audio-only of speakers, and slides synchronized with the media.
  • Complies with all SEC regulations.
  • Detailed usage reporting allows the investment bank to determine who accessed the roadshow and to generate qualified sales leads.
  • Easy to use: no special hardware/software required.
  • Users with low bandwidth or who lack streaming capability — the roadshow can be listened to over the telephone while slides are viewed online.
  • NEW! The NetRoadshow Mobile App is now available from the Apple App Store. You can now view NetRoadshow presentations on the iPad.

The Benefits:

  • Complements the traditional roadshow, allowing institutional investors who are unable to attend the live roadshow to view it at their convenience.
  • Efficiency: Allows institutional investors to review the online roadshow prior to the “live” roadshow and one-on-ones giving the management team the option to go straight to Q&A.
  • Convenience: Provides institutional investors the ability to review a roadshow at their convenience – anytime, anywhere even on an iPad mobile device.
  • Effective: Gives the investment bank the ability to provide a full roadshow immediately to the largest possible audience for deals to be priced quickly.
  • Expands the Audience: Allows the roadshow to be viewed by the entire international investment community.

How it’s created:

  • We meet the management team in any city to record the presentation or we will record the presentation over the phone.
  • A custom presentation template is created to match the bank’s corporate branding that will seamlessly integrate into their web site “look and feel”.
  • The video or audio recording, presentation slides, and prospectus are transmitted to our production studios.
  • NetRoadshow creates and forwards the passwords for the online roadshow to the investment bank for distribution.
  • NetRoadshow hosts the show for the life of the transaction.
  • NetRoadshow provides online detailed access reports and usage statistics.
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