How To View a NetRoadshow Webcast

Once you have set up your computer as described in What you need to view a NetRoadshow webcast, you will be able to view a webcast. You will need a password in order to access a specific webcast, which you must obtain from an institutional sales representative of the investment bank managing the transaction. Once you have the password, do the following:

  1. Close all open applications, except for your Web browser. It is important that only your browser is running when viewing a NetRoadshow webcast.
  2. Click on the Login button.
  3. Type in your name, company name, and the password for the webcast.
    (Note: The password is case-sensitive, so type it in exactly as it was given to you. See Login for more details.)
  4. Read the text of the SEC Requirements, then click Agree to proceed.
  5. Choose the version of the webcast you wish to see: Video or Audio.
    (Note: Some webcasts are available only in audio or telephone formats. You can choose to view the Telephone version of the webcast as described in How to view the telephone version of a NetRoadshow webcast)
  6. There will be a delay at this point while the slides for the webcast are being preloaded onto your computer; this may take anywhere from several seconds to several minutes, depending on your Internet access speed. When all the slides have preloaded, click on the Overview button to begin the webcast.

At any point during the webcast, you can click the Preliminary Prospectus or Offering Memorandum button to view an exact duplicate of the written prospectus or offering memorandum in the Adobe PDF format. For more information see How to view the preliminary prospectus or offering memorandum.

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